Caculate live network capacity of a Network

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a way to calculate live capacity of the network, like “You can add 650 more devices” for example. Using both duty cycle usage and gateway’s hardware capacity. I couldn’t find on the API a way to retrieve the data needed, i.e. for each frame the channel used and the DR used, is it possible directly by requesting the postgres or redis databases ?

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This is much harder to model then you think, but to study it you probably want to be saving packets to your own database which you can study at will.

One of the primary things you’d want to look for is the degree of random distribution in time and channel - any “clustering” (especially any intermittent periods of clustering) would indicate that your system was not well using the available air capacity, but suffering from identical nodes with firmware that had too much tendency to make matching predictable decisions, rather than truly random ones.

Analyzing raw packets would be useful because you’d see some of other people’s traffic in the area which is something that could change at any time in a way that impacted your capacity - though the availability of a choice between public and private sync words means that a given gateway can’t receive all possible traffic that could be occupying the band.


has anyone managed to do this successfully?