Can a gateway report to more than one network-server?


I wonder if a gateway can report to 2 different network server.

My use case is :

  • i have a remote network server/app server to which several gateways report my device data
  • i have a “mobile” gateway, inside a car, with no permanent network connection. I would like this “mobile” gateway to report to a local server (meaning in same LAN) in order to locally see if frames are received AND to report to my remote network/app servers

Maybe the solution stated here is not the best way to achieve this goal btw !

Thx by advance,

Yes, it can :slight_smile: In case of MQTT, there could be multiple subscribers, or you could forward data from one MQTT broker to an other.

An other option is GitHub - brocaar/chirpstack-packet-multiplexer: Forward Semtech packet-forwarder data to multiple servers. to forward UDP data to multiple NS instances.

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