Can i use a different topic for mqtt?

Do we have provision to use a different MQTT topic for loraWAN other than template:

uplink_topic_template=“application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/rx”
downlink_topic_template=“application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/tx”

if so where should we change?

I believe you are already looking at the configuration values :slight_smile: When you update these and restart lora-app-server, it will use the updated names for publishing data.

Can i have provision to use a different topic like A/rx(for uplink) and A/tx(downlink) (eg: 0001010101000001/rx )…Where A- 16 byte unique id represents device

If possible, where should we provide applicationID and deveui (as we are not giving in topic of mqtt)…?

if I change the uplink_topic_template and downlink_topic_template in both loraserver.toml file and lora-gateway-bridge.toml file to format A/rx and A/tx , will it works??

This is not possible:

  # Note: the downlink_topic_template must contain both the application id and
  # DevEUI substitution!

That is, the templates must mention {{ .ApplicationID }} and {{ .DevEUI }}, while the rest is up to you.

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