Can I use "The Things Indoor Gateway TBMH100 Minihub" with Chripstack


I bought the " The Things Indoor Gateway TBMH100 Minihub"

On the datasheet you can see: “Gateway owners may connect to any network through a new open source gateway protocol created by Semtech.”

On you can see a documentation. You need to configrure the gatway to the and afterwards you can change the ip and port for the network server.

I already connected the gatway to the It works fine, If I change the url to I always receive the error: “websocket: close 1006 (abnormal closure): unexpected EOF”.

I use the docker version of ChripStack. On the output I could see any connections or error messages. If I use a WS client I the log files shows an error message. It seams, that the ChirpStack bridge works fine in the basicstation.

Does anyone have any idea?
Is the gateway-bridge-basicstation the right bridge? Is this Semtech? If I use port 1700 (semtech_udp) I always get the same error message: “websocket: close 1006 (abnormal closure): unexpected EOF”

Thanks a lot