Can not configure Node-RED on chirpstack-gateway-os-full

Hello community,

I am using chirpstack-gateway-os-full and running an application on Node-RED and I wanted to change node-red settings.

I have found two settings.js file which are located in /home/admin/.node-red/settings.js and /home/root/.node-red/settings.js.

By configuring settings.js file my main goal is to add password protection to the dashboard and change the default 1880 port.

I’am not sure which settings file is using by the default node-red installation, so after making necessary changes even on the both settings files I can not see any difference after a rebooting the raspberry-pi.

By the way the node-red-start, node-red-stop and node-red-restart commands are not working so I reboot the r-pi every time after the making changes in the settings file.

My question is, where is the default node-red application running on this os image and how can i configure this node-red instance?

Your help will be greatly appreciated…

Thank you…

This is not a direct answer, but this is how Node-RED is packaged:

You could use that recipe to extend the Node-RED installation with additional config. To restart Node-RED you should be able to use:

/etc/init.d/node-red restart