Can we MySQL instead of PostgreSQL

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Can we use MySQL DB instance for our Application Server and Network Server instead of PostgreSQL ?

using chirpstack “out of the box” , you cannot.

Hi eugenev

Can you please clarify once, I was planning to use Chirpstack n/w and app server, Can i just give url and credentials of MySQL DB instead of PostgreSQL DB as they both are Sequel based databeases.

Or is there any dependency on PostgreSQL and we can not use any other Sequel DB ?

no you can’t
this is different databases at all.
FYI: sql database server not only query language

yes. pg_trgm , hstore for example that is not implemented in MySQL and many other things.

you can not use any other SQL while, you not rewrite the chirpstack code.

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Thanks eugenev, that’s what I wanted to know.