Cannot access API in the default Chirpstack installation

After a fresh installation following the documentation, how can I access the API definition?

There is an Nginx server that links port 80 to port 8080.

I’ve tried, but the browser shows “page not found”…
Chirpstack is running because I can access into the application server web interface at

In v4, rest api is not installed by default.
You need to install chirpstack-rest-api and do proxy mapping.

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I think @datnus is right. You need some more extra installation in order to use Rest API if using v4. (Not in v3, which is my case).

I see. By default the integration must be done using grpc.
Is there any place to get Python tutorials for using Chirpstack api?

Check this out: Python examples - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation


I’ll check. In any case, I’ve installed chirpstack-rest-api ubuntu package and I’m able to perform requests to the API now.
The problem is that I don’t get any results… for example requesting a GET /api/tenants returns me: 200 {‘totalCount’: 2, ‘result’: []}
Any solution?

Use the limit parameter to have the full result.

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