Cannot find the application Id or EUI

Hi ,
Read the documentation of lora app server but I don’t know how to find the application Id or application EUI in the web interface.Tried navigating to various parts of the interface.Please tell me how to send/receive payload in JSON format. Sorry I am very new to this platform.
Thank you.

The interface is different from that is shown in doc.

In the list of applications under an organization you’ll see the application id (first column).

Thank you brocaar I thought I might see something similiar in your documentation

Hi Brocaar,

This is my payload data

“reference”: “1”,
“confirmed”: true,
“fPort”: 10,
“data”: “Hi is this is Lora-app-server”

I don’t know how what should be the end point URL 's be configured as,What do you mean by end point configuration?Alo let me know how to send this payload data to gateway.

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