Can't connect mdot with rak2245 and mdot

Hello all!

I’ve installed RaspianOS (buster) on my Rpi3 and added the RAK2245 module. After that i’ve installed LoRaServer with the description on the page.

I’ve configured everything and i got my gateway with “last seen a few seconds ago” so that tell me the gateway was well configured.

But the problem is i can’t connect my mDot with the server using OTAA.

On application i configured a devices with te Device EUI, then, in KEYS (OTAA) i set my Application key, but the mdot never connect to the gateway. What’s wrong? and what do you need to help me with this?

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First thing is to see if the gateway’s raw traffic page shows anything at the times when you think the node has transmitted.

If not, your node and gateway are perhaps not on the same frequencies - either wrong band entirely, or wrong sub-band, or some other setting wrong (public vs. private network, even more obscure things like IQ inversion).

If you do see raw traffic, that correlates with if your node is trying to join or not, then likely some of the key details are mixed up, or you are not using the same lorawan version on each end.

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Thanks for your reply!

I can see what’s the mdot doing, i’m connected with developer board, so I can see if the mdot has connected or not. In the gateway I can’t see anything.

I’m using AU915 band and configured it on loraserver.toml and in the loraserver web. Maybe I configured something wrong on the loraserver web?

Can you share your settings to compare?

Best regards!

After modify my configuration in mDot i was able to connect with loraserver RAK2245 on my Rpi3 using manual mode (ABP). Now i want to do it with OTAA using LoRaServer on my Rpi as LoRaserver (i don’t want to use TTN). Is that possible?


After a lot of research, i was able to connect my mDot with OTAA to the LoRaServer. I forget to set the joinEUI and other parameters on loraserver.toml. After that, the server start to recieve data form my mDot!