Can't connect my gateway

I successfully started chirpstack and log on to localhost:8080 as admin. I created tenant and tried to connect my Mokolra MKGW2-LW gateway to it, but unfortunately, the documentation for that gateway is outdated. So i just created gateway, typed gateway id, then i opened gateway’s web interface and typed this.


But my gateway is still showing as never seen. Maybe i did something wrong or maybe i typed wrong server id?

You should probably enter the address of Chirpstack’s Gateway Bridge component. Unless it runs on the gateway, probably isn’t the right value.

How do i know the correct address? I saw that value in the configuration file.

The gateway is supposed to connect to a computer that hosts the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge. You need to find that computer’s IP address or hostname.
Gateway ---> Chirpstack

Thank you very much. This really helped me, sorry if this question was stupid or something like that.

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