Can't run gprc example for chirpstack on the raspberry zero w

I installed chirpstack gateway os (full version from on the rak7245, based on the raspberry zero w. Unfortunately, latest version of chirpstack gateway os did not start on this hardware.
I try to run python example ( and have an error “TypeError: Descriptors cannot not be created directly.” I use python package chirpstack-api 3.12.4. Before that I try to use python package chirpstack-api 4.3.1, run python example for chirpstack v4 and have an error “Enqueue for service api.DeviceService”.
What am i doing wrong?

You need to use the chirpstack-api v4.x.x package, because chirpstack-api v3.12.4 is for ChirpStack v3, not v4.

Thanks for answer. But I have device with installed gateway OS with chirpstack version 3.6.0. What version of chirpstack-api (python package) I can use? I tried to use package 3.12.4, but got an error on the example code.

Ah sorry, in that case the latest chirpstack-api v3 package should work. I did a quick search and this might be the cause of your issue: