Cayenne Codec not shown in codec menu (ChirpStack embedded on SenseCap M2)

I am facing my first experience with Chirpstack. I am using the Chirpstack server which is embedded into the SenseCap M2 gateway. My test node encondes using Cayenne LPP. I found documentation for using this codec with CS but in the device profile menu -when choosing the codec type- the Cayenne LPP is not shown (only javascript option). Someone knows why and how to fix it so I can use Cayenne LPP Code?. Any help appreciated! Below an image of what it’s shown:

Hi :wave:,
Cayenne LPP codec is available by default. Maybe the embedded version that you are using disables this feature?

Yes, I am afraid that is the case here. I wonder if that is something that can be enabled and how. These embedded things are practical but hard to manage.
I appreciate your time to answear, Jerome73