CayenneLPP Wrong Information

I’m changing to Chirpstack V4 and i finding some issues with Cayenne LPP.

When i send this message:

{“devEui”:“a8610a3337306e0c”,“confirmed”: true,“fPort”: 2,“data”: “AWcA4Q==”,“object”:{
The Chirpstack information aren’t the same.

Also when i receive on arduino the message are correct but i have problems with float values on Analog input and Analog Output

“digital_in_31”: 0,
“digital_in_103”: 1,
“digital_in_104”: 0,
“digital_in_110”: 0,
“digital_in_112”: 1,
“digital_out_31”: 1,
“analog_in_105”: 1.200000048,
“analog_in_109”: 0,
“analog_out_1”: 51,
“analog_out_31”: 31,
“analog_out_103”: 2.400000095,
“analog_out_104”: 10,
“gyrometer_104”: { “x”: 0.5, “y”: 81, “z”: 41 },
“analog_in_101”: 1.5,
“analog_in_103”: 2.400000095,
“analog_in_104”: 10,
“analog_in_111”: 74

I don’t have this problems with v3.

If you think there is a code issue, please create a GitHub issue for this. Ideally with several payloads with the expected + actual (faulty) output by the LPP codec: GitHub - chirpstack/chirpstack: ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN Network Server

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