Centralized join server?

I have a use case where i got multiple K8s clusters setup at different locations.
I have a gateway bridge, loraserver and lora-app-server running in those individual K8s clusters.
Am trying to think through a way to separate out the join server so that i have a single join process across all my multiple network servers.
Any recommendations on how this could be achieved?

Please see the [join_server.default] section in loraserver.toml, you could point that to a centralized join-server. The API that is expected is documented in the LoRaWAN Backend Interface Specification :slight_smile:

Thanks Orne. Right now, the join server is part of the same container as the app server. So i guess i can run the app server in the cloud and just open up the ports for the join server making it centralized.
And i run multiple network server/app server combos in a distributed fashion all pointing to the same join server.
Is that pattern recommended?