Change Frequency on Kerlink Wirnet iStation

Hello Guys.

I have kerlink wirnet iStation and I would like to change the default EU868 8 Channels band to use different 8 frequencies. Can someone please help me with what set the rfconf:0 and rfconf:1 frequencies in the lgw.ini file so I can use my new frequencies below:

865.1, 865.3, 865.5, 865.7, 865.9, 866.1, 866.3, 866.5


Kerlink usually doesnot publish the user manual.

You can change the frequencies in the Web GUI of Kerlink gateway IP.

It has a local web GUI.

You can change via their Kerlink Cloud.

For command lines, you check check the below files.
/etc/lorafwd.toml => Packet Forwarder
/etc/lorad/lorad.json => Frequencies

This is for fevo.
ls /etc/lorad/fevo/
AS923-JP.json AU915-AU.json IN865-IN.json RU864-RU.json US915-US.json
AS923-TH-SG-HK-TW.json EU868-FR.json KR920-KR.json RU864-RU_Legacy.json

This guide is to connect a Kerlink gateway to ChirpStack using packet forwarder.

Good luck.

How do i access this page?

If you don’t have Kerlink Cloud, then use IP scanner to check for the IP of the Kerlink gateway.
Then https://IP
Or ssh to the IP and check my above file locations.

I have the actility LRR image flashed, I cannot access the web page.

Well, then I don’t know already.
Actility usually even seldom publishes the user manual than Kerlink.
Usually, we have to contact Actility authorized partners to get the docs.

Or someone here may help you.