Changes in appserver GUI


Could you confirm if “Details” tab is added to devices page and is a new change in the appserver or it is some bug which I am seeing.

This screenshot is from page Applications => devices =>

thank you

See the app server 2.6.1 release notes:

On one of my US region server (machine), the loraserver installed with 2.6.0 version of app server , I am seeing the gui changes as previously describe which are only meant to be seen on 2.6.1, however when I have loraserver installed on a EU region sthe app server is showing older gui, Would you have any idea as to why?

note: fresh installation was done on both server machine.

my bad in case anyone seeing this clear the stupid cache from browser and that fixed for me.

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I’m closing this topic. I believe it has been answered and the change was also covered in the changelog.

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