Channels configuration for Laird RG191

I’ve updated my US version of RG191 to the last firmware version (

Before this update, I was able to upload a .json to the gateway telling it to work on channels 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 of the AU915 band, which is compatible with the regulations where I am. If I remember correctly, this was how I managed to work with Chirpstack.

Now the gateway says it is not possible with these channels apparently.

What is not clear to me is if Chirpstack should be able to force listening on these specific channels. Should it?


What forwarder are you using?
If you are using the Legacy Semtech forwarder - the one that sends on port 1700, then I would recommend using the UI on the Gateway to see what the channel settings are.
I have tested AU915 extensively - and I have gotten it working on all 8 subBands using the Semtech forwarder.

Now - if you are using the new Semtech Basics Station (SBS) forwarder - then the channel configuration is being sent from Chirpstack - so the UI Channel configuration page is no longer available.
I have also tested AU915 with with SBS

Just what sort of error(s) are you getting?

Hi Jim,

Yes I’m using Semtech UDP Forwarder(thinking about changing to Basics), and the channels that are shown in the gateway’s UI are 903.9 to 905.3. When I upload the JSON with the AU915 channels, the channels page are like this:

After further investigation, when I go to the Traffic page of the gateway, the packets are indeed being received in the right channels, but not on Chirpstack.

Guess I did something wrong in the configs, I’ll check it again.

That would be my guess.

I’d recommend setup the channels via the UI - and then download the configuration file via:

Settings -> Save/Restore Settings -> Save All Gateway Settings (Save)

Now, you can compare the “lora” portion of that JSON configuration file with what you are trying to upload.


Hi Jim,

I think I made some mess with the files here when I saw the “error” in the UI of the gw.

Just did it all again and everything is working as usual.