Checking downlink queue

Hi, I am new to Loraserver but i have been successful in setting up the server and registering nodes both using otaa and abp. I am using a mqqt chrome extension to subscribe and publish downlinks and it works great. I am wondering if there is a feature or way that I could visualize the downlink queue in the app server or from an application integration?

This is not offered by the LoRa App Server web-interface, but you could use the following API end-point:

GET /api/devices/{devEUI}/queue


Thanks, for me to hit the end points as described, I will use the jwt key stored in the lora-app- server.toml? And is it a must to add the ca certificate, I have been trying with insomnia but I get a 401

The only certificates required are the ones configured in the [application_server.external_api] section. You use that JWT secret to sign a JWT token. You will find information in the docs but there are also already a couple topics on this forum covering how to generate JWT tokens.

thanks, got it sorted out. Can one schedule downlink from a http application or its only done with mqqt?

Both the HTTP API and MQTT works :slight_smile:

Is there an event endpoint for this? I currently fetch the queue after txack event, but that’s a bit tricky.