Chirpstack 4 HTTP Response Status Code Bug?

Hi, With version 3, the HTTP status code 401 was returned after entering an invalid username or password in the ChirpStack web-interface. This is different now with version 4, where entering a invalid username or password displays an error message in the browser window, but the status 200 is returned. Is this intended or a bug?

I haven’t tested, but 200 should definitely not be the response for an incorrect login.

@brocaar The ChirpStack log-output shows the following every time a wrong password or username is entered in the web-interface:

INFO http{method="GET" uri=/ version=HTTP/1.0}: chirpstack::api: Finished processing request status="200"

Any ideas?

Please note that the API for the web-interface is gRPC-web, it is not a REST API. gRPC has its own response codes, as you can see here:

Please note the grpc-code: 16, which means unauthenticated. I’m not sure if gRPC-web is supposed to also map the gRPC reponse codes to HTTP status codes.

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