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After the TTNv3 and announcements, is Chirpstack Network Server planned to participate in the ecosystem?
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Is there any news on this (@brocaar)? I guess with the transition from TTN v2->v3 by September this year this gets more momentum.
I attached a picture how I would imagine the behaviour for a private network, which keeps private netIds local, if they are handled by the local installation.

For everyone not knowing what packet broker is here a 10min explaination:

I think ideally the PacketBroker integration should be an external component, not something embedded within the ChirpStack Network Server. If somebody would be interested to work on such component, then I’m happy to share my thoughts, but I don’t have any plans to create such component yet.


@brocaar I would like to hear about your thoughts and also a bit of light on how to work with Chirpstack and Packet forwarder.

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You mean a Packet Forwarder or Packet Broker?

I mean Packet broker, i made a mistake sorry.

The way I would see an integration with the Packet Broker is:

[Packet Broker integration] <--> [MQTT broker] <--> [ChirpStack Network Server]

E.g. it would just behave like a gateway or gateways.

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