Chirpstack and Thingsboard integration

Hello to the entire forum community.

I am currently working with the Chirpstack-Thingsboard integration which is configured by the integration option available in the Chirpstack application menu; the integration works great for uploading data from a device; however I need the reverse process; that from a thingsboard button a signal is sent to Chirpstack and then it is sent to a device to control digital outputs. Can you guide me please how to do this integration in the documentation I see that some APIs are exposed but I do not know where to start.

Thank you very much for your attention and help with this concern.



Are you able to do this if yes then can you please help me with this.

Hi, I’am using the “Rest Api Call” Node in the Rule Chains, and in the Dashboards I’m using the “Send RPC” in Control widgets. It is not very nice, because I’m getting a “request timeout”, because it awaits a response from the device. Maybe someone knows a better way, but that’s how I’m doing it.

@OMAR_DARIO_YEPES_CAR Hi, glad to see your great work with Thingsboard. I am new to ChirpStack and will integrate it with Thingsboard now. I have a question for you, hope not bother you.

I want to know when we integrate with Thingsboard, whether we just need install ChirpStack Application server, no need Network server, right?

From your statement, Thingsboard has support the type of Chirpstack, does that mean Lora Network Server for ChirpStack has bee provided by thinsboard?

Would appreciate if you have any advice/tips.

@brocaar do you have any advice? is there any latest docs available for this topic?


You have to install both, Thingsboard does not replace one of these components.

Hello @HofIoT ,

Could you please share some code snippets of function Encode(fPort, obj, variables)? I’m unable to send any commands from Thingsboard to the end node (RAK7431) via chirpstack. Thank you.