Chirpstack-api Python

I am with a personal project in which I want to show some of the different options offered by chirpstack-api, through vue.js. I had thought about joining the chirpstack and vue.js platform, through the framework for python, Flask.
But I needed some chirpstack-api python guide to know the structure that the python code has to have, which allows communication with the grpc API. Or some example of how to get the token and payload up.
I would appreciate if someone could tell me where I could find this information.
Thank you

Have you seen this?

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Thank you for answering me. You are doing a great job with the chirpstack platform.

If I have consulted the links that you have indicated to me. And I have installed pip install chirpstack-api.

The problem I have is that I cannot find or not be determined from the chirpstack libraries ( .
Do you have an example to get objectJSON (Payload) from the flask (python) server, like loginRequest. The loginRequest example works for me, it gets the token well.

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