Chirpstack-concentratord gps path

I have an RPi with the RAK831 concentrator. The GPS is on /dev/ttyS0, not /dev/ttyAMA0
Is there an entry I can add into the toml files somewhere to change to the /dev/ttS0 path, or do I have to recompile the application?


The short answer is, it is currently hardcoded in the model configuration. To understand your situation better, did you make any modification causing the GPS to be on a different path?

I haven’t done any modifications, I just have an off the shelf RAK831 module and the RAK831 to RPi adapter board (also made by RAKWireless). The GPS module is on the adapter board and connected to GPIO 14 and 15 on the RPi, which is /dev/ttyS0
The 1PPS signal from the gps is connected from the adapter board back up to the GPS_PPS connector on the RAK831 board.

/dev/ttyAMA0 on the RPi is the bluetooth port.

Bluetooth is disabled for this reason when using the ChirpStack Gateway OS to “free” the UART port for the GNSS module. Maybe that is the difference in your setup?