Chirpstack Concentratord on Gateway OS, iC880A no Gateway_id

Hi there
Ive got a PI 3 B with a Rak 831 wired up, got it all working about 4 days ago, received my first few Packets and so on.

Now i start it up again, and it refuses to work. It says could not read gateway_id, even though i havent changed anything. Its Enabled, on iC880 A, its got the same Gateway id that worked before, but it doesnt want to do anything anymore.

I have tried commands to read the Gateway id, i have tried to reset the Rak 831, i have tried to ssh into the PI.
Nothing works.

Please let me know if you have any Idea what im doing wrong, this is quite urgent so id be very thankful if you do so.

Well i just shorted the rst pin now, but this is still an issue. there should be a command for that, and the option to execute it on start, and i thought there was…