Chirpstack concentratord reset on raspberry+i880a

I have a raspberrypi 3+ with a i880a which I used with no problem on a old release of ChirpStackOS (about jan 2020)
I’ve recently upgrated to the latest (fresh install on sdcard) and now I have a weird problem…

it’s like the concentratord is getting stuck and does not pass the messages from my sensors.

when I see that nothing is coming up … I log in on ssh and I simply restart the service

sudo /etc/init.d/chirpstack-concentratord restart

and as soon as I do that … I can see a flood of previous frames showing up on the web interface(!)
from this moment the system works flawlessly for 10-15min … then again it seems stuck … another manual reset … etc. etc.

anyone having the same issue?
any suggestion?

this hw always worked with no problems on the old release of the ChirpStackOS


looks like this is a buggy release of the “Gateway OS” all in one package (sept 2020).

instead of the .wic and .swu I did install a Raspian Lite and then Chirpstack as on a normal ubuntu sw (got version 3.10).

now everything is working fine, quite stable I should say.