Chirpstack Docker-compose

Hi everyone.
with docker-compose up I don’t see my gateway in localhost:8080.
I put, in my gateway, the ip address of my pc(, where chirpstack docker is installed and upd port 1700, but is not working at all.
Region enable is eu868.
These are the log after digit docker-compose up.

Does anybody know what else is missing in my configuration?
Do i need to put ip address somewhere in the configuration files other than in my gateway?
Thank you,

Adding more informations:

I put in the LoRa server address of my gateeqy two address:

a) and i see the gateway connected
b) where chirpstack is running in my local area and the gateway in not seen in the application server ( loxalhost:8080)

This could be caused by firewall ports, please make sure that the ports are open and reachable by other devices on the same network.

Brocaar, Thank you very much.
Yes, it was ports related.
Now it is working.

I have a second issue now:

when I try to add a device profile I have the error attached.
I read some previous post, like update browser and I did, but I’m not able to create a device profile


It looks like you have a mismatch with the schema version of the database and the installed version of ChirpStack. Looking at the log, it looks like you updated to a version which added the auto_detect_measurements field to the table, and then reverted to an older version.

Easiest way to move forward is to make sure you have the latest version of ChirpStack installed.

How can I update on windows 11 with docker?

Thnk you Brocaar, it work after update installation

Thank you again