Chirpstack Gateway Bridge compile for OpenWRT 19.07

Hello all,

I can compile Chirpstack Gateway Bridge for openwrt 18.06 and it works. but if i try it on openwrt 19.07, it doesnt work anyway.

Here are the steps which i have done:

export GOARCH=mipsle
export GOOS=linux
make build

System is on MT7688 (Omega2S+)…
Could you help me with what would be the problem? @brocaar


I think it would be good to first understand the reason why it doesn’t work. E.g. what is the error… :slight_smile:

There was no error output. And the app wasnt cost any ram after execution.

I find out there is no hardware fpu in mt7688. then it is ok anymore, after i set (software) fpu emulation.

Thank you for trying to help me and spending time to answer me…