Chirpstack Gateway Bridge - Executing Commands


I’ve got some question about how to apply the commands to using the Gateway Bridge configuration.

A couple my gateways have this problem where the LoRa turns off randomly (probably electrical issues) which means it stops sending/receiving packets. This is visible when checking the ttn-gateway.service log and seeing the CRC percentages go from fluctuating numbers to constant zeroes as well as the RF packets recieved.

I’ve been trying to follow the documentation but I don’t understand how to properly execute it.

I’m not really getting how to properly do it either in the terminal directly or through MQTT and the example provided in the exec category in the documentation I don’t understand where token, stdin and environment variables for the JSON come from or if they are necessary. Been trying to send it to the topic gateway/[GATEWAY_ID]/command/exec but to no avail.

This is version 3.14.7

Any help is appreciated.

For the documentation of the command request payload, please see: