Chirpstack Gateway Bridge on Dragino LPS8N

Dear Community.

I would like to have own chirpstack server on Dragino LPS8N.

There is few option, not sure which i should use, and how to configure it :frowning:

Basic station ?
Install sone Chirpstack-bridge ----> Dragino Download Server ./downloads/LoRa_Gateway/LPS8/Firmware/Release/Chirpstack-gateway-bridge/Chirpstack-Bridge-V3.14.6-Bridge--build-v5.4.1679487778-20230322-2024/

What is a best option and what is your experience with hosting chripstack on Dragino gateway ?

Any hint will be very helpful.

Thank you !!

Found the not that MQTT Forwarder is recommended , so how about Bridge ?


Please refer to the Dragino ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder installation instructions. Installing the ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder is recommendend over installing the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge on the gateway