Chirpstack-gateway-bridge vs. chirpstack-packet-multiplexer

Hi all,
When I try to start the chirpstack-gateway-bridge, I realize that UDP port 1700 is already used by chirpstack-packet-multiplexer.

I believed chirpstack-packet-multiplexer is installed and started by default.

For quick reference,

I believe both can forward LoRaWAN packets from LoRaWAN gateway to UDP port 1700 and to multiple servers (MQTTs, Azure IoT, GCP IoT…).

So what are the differences between them?
Thanks millions in advance.

It is not automatically installed and it is not required. The purpose of the multiplexer is to forward UDP data to multiple endpoints.

E.g. you could have a test and production environment, each with their own Gateway Bridge. Then you would setup the multiplexer to forward to the test and production Gateway Bridge.

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