ChirpStack Gateway OS / 2.4GHz Support

I just finish the installation of ChirpStack Gateway OS (full latest version).
I also configure the concentrator shield (12 semtech sx1280 2.4GHz) with channel plan 1.
When i try to add a network server via the web ui i receive the following message : context deadline exceeded (code: 2)
I’m not able to find the toml to check the network server config ? is 2.4GHz supported ?
Thank you

And here I always thought that LoRaWAN was restricted to license-free bands 868MHz or 915MHz, depending on region/country. With your help, I see that they’ve now extended LoRaWAN to 2.4GHz!.

I see they studied interference by/from BlueTooth & WiFi, both are good reads; highly recommended. That said, I find it interesting that for the ranging tests (this too), they selected locale that LACKED both of these signals :slight_smile:

My question is how does 2.4GHz do with walls? Specifically, I find my 915MHz to breeze through MANY brick and cinderblock walls, but regular WiFi 2.4GHz struggles with even one of my good, solid brick walls. More specifically, I get decent signal through rebar-reinforced concrete that blocks all local 2.4GHz WiFi access points!

So, do you have practical experience comparing 915MHz and 2.4GHz in real-life situations?

That error looks a lot more like a networking issue in connecting to the Network Server (such as not being able to resolve the name, firewall issues, etc) than to be anything to do with 2.4GHz support

I have found that there is no ism2400.toml inside the folder /etc/chirpstack-network-server/config so i have create one and restart the configuration process via sudo gateway-config and now the network server configuration is ok. I can add a network server via the chirpstack ui without any problems.