Chirpstack gateway os 4.2.0 raspberry pi 3/4 builds

Hi – i’m using chirpstack gateway os for the first time and am hoping to get 4.2.0 flashed on to my raspberry pi 3, or 4.

I have found some builds here: Index of /downloads/chirpstack-gateway-os/4.2.0/raspberrypi/bcm27xx/

however, according to this page, i need something for either bcm2710 or bcm2177.

Have the builds for pi 3/4s not been uploaded as artifacts?

Please see the Raspberry Pi download links here:

I’m a little bit confused.

The full download link for the 4B and 3B/3B+ are both this:

the bcm2709 is for the raspberry pi 2, isnt it? when I made this post, I was having issues with the supplied firmware on the page you linked.

the bcm2709, plus the text rpi-2 has lead me to believe that potentially the link is wrong

The image support multiple Raspberry Pi versions :slight_smile: It runs fine on my Pi 3 (and Pi 4):

See also:

Hmm, ok, given that:

i have an installation of 4.1.1, which works fine, however, when i install 4.2.0, i get the following boot screen, and it seems to hang forever. (the black screen)

Hardware is raspberry pi 3B+, can you think of anything that would cause this to happen on my end?

edit: i also tried with a new sdcard, as well as a raspberry pi 4 and it seemed to work… which made me re-check my DHCP leases, and for some reason, its got a different IP with a different SDcard, when the same hardware, which surprised me.

That explains why i thought it didn’t work!

All is good now. Thanks for the help

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Depending on what you were doing, you may be able to access the RPi via its hostname, rather than IP address. Raspbian has the Avahi Daemon installed, so multicast DNS can be used.