Chirpstack gateway OS change chirpstack configuration

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i tried to add/change configuration to the latest 4.2 v gateway OS for chirpstack but did not successfully applied the changes

for instance i tried to enable postgress integration by editing /etc/config/chirpstack

by adding the below and then run uci commit

config integration ‘postgresql’
option dsn ‘postgres://chirpstack_integration:chirpstack_integration@localhost/chirpstack_integration?sslmode=disable’

config integration
option enabled ‘mqtt postgresql’

the change did not apply and i saw that the /var/etc/chirpstack/chirpstack.toml did not changed at all.

can you describe where is the configuration file where/how we can append changes?

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In the latest ChirpStack Gateway OS, the configuration is manged by the OpenWrt UCI configuration system. Please create a feature-request here GitHub - chirpstack/chirpstack-gateway-os: Yocto based gateway images including ChirpStack components. to make this configurable.

In short, on starting ChirpStack, it generates a config file under /var/etc/chirpstack/chirpstack.toml, but this is not persisted (a restart will overwrite the config).

Hi Brocaar, thanks for your reply, i tried to configure it through uci commands and/or /etc/config/chirpstack, but it did not change at all. I believe its overiden by the /etc/init.d/chirpstack since it has certain parts of the configuration hardcoded there. I ended up hardcoding tonthe init scripts whatever i wish to configure. It seems dirty and not future proof but it does the trick.

thank you nevertheless

Because this config option is not yet configurable through UCI :slight_smile: Therefore I suggested to create a feature-request for it to make this configurable through UCI and the web-interface.

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