ChirpStack Gateway OS - LORIX One Support (image building)

Is support for LORIX One devices planned?

maybe you, read the main site before ask?

I meant support for custom image building.
Earlier it was possible.

but you didn’t specify it before

and it possible now, too.

Please note that I had to remove the support for LORIX One / to move forward with supporting the Raspberry Pi 4. For supporting the Pi 4, I had to upgrade the meta-raspberrypi to the Yocto latest version. I did try to update the meta layer for the LORIX One myself to the latest version, but this turned out to be really time consuming (upgrading the boot loader, kernel configuration etc…).

There is still a LORIX One build available for an older version of the Gateway OS, but I’m not planning to release any updates for the LORIX One gateway, unless an up-to-date Yocto meta-layer becomes available for this gateway.