Chirpstack Gateway OS on RPi 4: No HDMI, no start

I am running the Chirpstack v3.3.3 on a raspberry pi 4. When installing and configuring I always have a monitor connected to the RPi and it Chirpstack works fine.

  • When removing the HDMI cable from the Rpi and restarting it does not boot at all

  • Solution: configure the config.txt on the SD card when accessing the SD card from another PC (not via the RPi)

    /## hdmi_force_hotplug
    /## Pretends HDMI hotplug signal is asserted so it appears a HDMI display
    /## is attached
    /## Value Description
    /## -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    /## 0 Disabled (Default)
    /## 1 Use HDMI mode even if no HDMI monitor is detected

  • Booting the RPi now works without monitor

However it seems that after a time (15 minutes or so) the chirpstack does not react (MQTT no longer received). With monitor it all worked very smooth.

Any idea what the cause could be?? (sleep timer??)

For clarification - the above described problem was related to something else.
Mea culpa

Turn off sleep timer.