Chirpstack Gateway OS Setup

Hi! We are trying to setup our RAK7246G Gateway to be the gateway used by a peer to peer lora messaging system. We tried installing chirpstack gateway os base and full. We can access the web interface no problem but we are having problems connecting the gateway to its network server. As per the github repository, once we flash everything in the sd card, the servers including the packet forwarder and the concentratord should be working fine however, the gateway id is said to be not configured.How can we configure the gateway id or connect the gateway to the network server? We need the gateway id but we can’t seem to configure it. Hope someone helps

THESE instructions provided by mobilefish dot com show step-by-step how to configure ChirpStack under Ubuntu for RAK. Compare what you did with his instructions and see where things don’t agree?

FYI, I did what he recommended verbatim (except I’m on US915 and some of my sensors require the ChirpStack network server to have 500kHz channels enabled - section 5.2.3 HERE ) and it worked the first time! He has a LOT of very informative LoRaWAN-related material that you simply MUST at least skim and be aware of. He’s saved me a lot of hassle!

I see, we seem to have problems with the config files but we’ll try to do the whole process again thanks a lot!