Chirpstack gateway page doesn't show any downlink packets (although they are received by the gateway and the end node)


I have a LoPy4 pycom device acting as a LoRaWAN gateway and registered on my private ChirpStack server. My other LoPy4 acts as a class A ABP node and sends some uplink data.

When my ChirpStack server generates a downlink, it is successfully received by both gateway and ABP node, but on the ChirpStack page with gateway traffic data I can see only uplink packets for some reason. Would very appreciate if you could point me on how to solve this issue so I could see my downlink packets on the ChirpStack gateway traffic page.


which packet forwarder you’re using? I have the same issue with poly packet forwarder, when I switch it to simple semtech packet-forwarder the downlink packets comes back to display in the live lorawan frames page.

I am using pycom LoPy4 as a LoRaWAN gateway. It is based on pycom lib.

I think need to create an issue at

Most likely, this packet-forwarder does not send a TX ACK message back to the NS. Therefore, the NS does not know if the downlink was successfully enqueued or not. Please see:

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