Chirpstack GUI not accessible after a couple of minutes


I am new to Lora Wan and to ChirpStack, but I have installed the software on a virtual machine and have successfully accessed the webpage GUI and have seen some of my devices connecting to the Chirpstack server.

However after a couple of minutes the ChirpStack management webpage on my server no longer is accessible. I have to restart the ChirpStack server service and also the ChirpStack-gateway-bridge service to have it accessible again.

I have a fault message with my chirpstack-gateway-bridge but the other devices seems to connect.

Is there some logs I can get some information from. What kind of webserver does chirpstack use to serve the management page?

Best regards

Hi again.

Sorry, but the issue was due to port 8080 already in use on the VLAN I was using.
I switched to a different VLAN and it works now.

Have a nice day.

Best regards