Chirpstack in Kubernetes


We have deployed chirpstack successfully to Kubernetes.
In a Kubernetes cluster where we have 2 different namespaces (Dev and Test) env but env having their own deployment of all chirpstack components.

Now in the Dev env application server, I have created Gateway, Gateway profile, device profile, application, devices, etc., and nothing in Test namespace because both are 2 different env.

But now the problem is when I log in to the Test env application server, I can see all devices, gateway, gateway profile, application, etc which created in Dev env.

I should not see the Dev env data in the Test env.

Both are pointing to their own service from ingress and have their own instance of postgresql.

Can someone help me with where I am wrong with the configuration?

are you pointing to the same network server? and without knowing how the k8s deployment was done, there is not much anyone in the forum can do. This has not much to do with chirpstack, but with your k8s configuration.
If you are using: i might be able to help (im the maintainer)
I sounds like you havent properly setup the namespaces and one of them is reusing the configuration of the other one, at least the connection string.

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You were right … I thought Network Server API in toml file of the network server might be the issue but it was not the case.

It was related to Postgres secret for application and the network server was wrong.

Thanks for your reply.