- Protobuf problem Azure (C# Support)

Hello everybody,

I have a question about your LoRa project

I am using the Image Gateway OS Full on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and am trying to connect my IoT devices to Azure. I saw the integration with Azure Service Hub, but I would like to use the Gateway OS Full and run all coponents of the LoRa Stack on the Raspberry Pi. My aim is to receive messages that my gateway/network server receives, in the Azure IoT Hub and forward them for example wit a stream analytics job in azure. There I came across a problem. The messages that are sent to the IoT hub are in Protobuf format. Then I wanted to write a deserializer, but there is no implementation for C# in the API.

Another idea was, to configure the JSON-Format in the chirpstack bridge, but then the Payload is unencodable in Azure.

Can you help me there?

Kind regards,

Have you looked into something like this blog suggests to generate the C# models directly from .proto files?