ChirpStack keep alive request / re-join issue?

ChirpStack keep alive request / re-join issue?

I am using a Dragino LoRa shield for the Arduino UNO. The device connects to the Dragino LG01-N gateway. The device uses Dragino’s altered version of the LMIC library which is altered to have larger Rx windows so that it may work on a single frequency. I am aware that this is not a maintained library, but it should work for basic testing and OTAA usage.

I have added this node to a local installation of ChirpStack and the device joins via OTAA just fine.

However, after the device and or gateway is disconnected (powered down or otherwise disconnected) the device fails to re-join the network. The gateway rejoins with no issue, at least the gateway status is that it is connected and last seen now/ a few seconds ago.

Is this due to the library being a LoRaWAN type 1.0.2 and not 1.1? Does it need support for re-join?

Or is it something with keep alive requests?

Or, may it be another issue entirely?

I have contacted Dragino support, but they are not familiar enough with ChirpStack to further aid me. So I will try the ChirpStack forums now.

Any insight will be helpful,

Thank you.

Does the NS receive the join-request from the device, but does not send a join-accept back? In that case please look at the data tab when you open the device in the web interface. It show you an error.