ChirpStack Kubernetes Helm Chart here

Hello Guys,

We are developing Helm Chart for ChirpStack (also rancher) which is at alpha stage currently
Please take a look, pull requests, issues and comments are welcome.

Metacore Helm Chart Repo

Also have Rancher Chart version here:
Metacore Rancher Chart Repo


I’ve just tried the version without Rancher. The only problem on my end is the AS which is stuck on a CrashLoopBackOff state.

The log yields the following:
time="2021-01-24T13:08:16Z" level=fatal msg="setup storage error: storage: applying PostgreSQL data migrations error: Unable to create migration plan because of 0052_user_openid_connect.sql: unknown migration in database"

I see that others have experience the same problem regarding PostgreSQL for similar deployments, as have I some time ago, but I’ve kind of just dropped it until now. For this particular problem it looks like it has something to do with the DB initialization (?). Unfortunately I am not familiar with PostgreSQL, and I am also very new to Helm. Any suggestions as to how I can fix the problem?

Problem is resolved. My setup had a lot of clutter from previous configurations, so I basically reinstalled to all latest packages (if it’s of any interest: minikube with kvm2 – running Kubernetes v 1.20). The chart seems to work perfectly fine now