Chirpstack listening to MQTT via paho python cannot decode

Hello all,

I am using dragino LG308, and install the gateway bridge successfully. I change the .toml configuration file to use JSON integration and not protobuf then try to listen to the MQTT using paho python and decode using UTF-8 and basically get some gibberish:

@�GS � ��B�rI?���������� }4/5G

�@A �AQ����й�
(���������1 #@z7c���p�F"���l1o �

The encoding doesn’t seem to be any consistent encoding, and users have had similar issues:

However this was fixed by changing the configuration, but this hasnt worked for me. I have reset the gateway entirely and re-installed the bridge and tried everything and it won’t use JSON. Is there something i am missing?

When I subscribe gateway topics I saw a bad format like you faced. But when I subscribe the MQTT topic described in Application Server I can easily get device events.

# MQTT integration backend.
  # Event topic template.
  event_topic_template="application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/event/{{ .EventType }}"

Are you sure you restarted the service?