chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder.toml Custom Topic

Hello, I would like to use chipstack mqtt forwarder to forward messages to my EMQX platform.
But I found that its Topic is in a fixed format.

# Topic prefix.
  # ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder publishes to the following topics:
  #  * [Prefix/]gateway/[Gateway ID]/event/[Event]
  #  * [Prefix/]gateway/[Gateway ID]/state/[State]
  # And subscribes to the following topic:
  #  * [Prefix/]gateway/[Gateway ID]/command/[Command]

Can I customize and modify it?

event_topic_template="1/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}"
  state_topic_template="1/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/state/{{ .StateType }}"
  command_topic_template="1/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#"

No, it is not possible to customize the MQTT topic template. The only think you can customize is the topic prefix.

Okay, actually I want to use an mqtt forwarder to forward to my EMQX platform. But currently, my EMQX platform has set a subscription restriction format for TOPIC.