ChirpStack MQTT Requires TLS?

When I try to add a Dragino LP8SN gateway to RAK7248 running ChirpStack Network Server, I can only successfully connect to MQTT using a secure TLS mqtts:// connection on port 8883 and not an unsecure tcp:// connection on 1883. (Using either the Gateway Bridge or MQTT Forwarder.) My network is private, and I don’t want/need to update the TLS certs every year.

(I am running Node-Red on a separate Raspberry Pi which also works only with a secure MQTT connection. )

Is there a configuration change where I can connect to MQTT without requiring TLS?

Yes, you can use unsecure MQTT on port 1883.

Hello @Jerome73

I have similar question,

Chirpstack HTTP Requires SSL/TLS?

actually i have versión 4.4.1, but in the versión 3 chirpstack HTTP integrations run fine, in the versión 4.4.1 dont work , i migrated the same configurations, i use docker.

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When I change from a secure MQTT connection to an unsecure MQTT connection, I get a “connection refused” message in the Dragino logs:

Thu Jul 27 11:03:42 2023 user.err chirpstack-gateway-bridge[5433]: time=“2023-07-27T19:03:42.910034785Z” level=error msg=“integration/mqtt: connection error” error=“network Error : dial tcp connect: connection refused”

I am attempting to connect a Dragino LPS8N gateway to a RAK7248 with ChirpStack Gateway OS installed.

@scottmil did you check that port 1883 is open?

No, it should work with both http and https.

Success!! I edited a line in the file /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf
from: listener 1883
allow_anonymous true

to: listener 1883
allow_anonymous true

After restarting ChirpStack, the Dragino LPS8N gateway successfully connected to the ChirpStack server using MQTT port 1883.

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Never give up :wink:

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