Chirpstack multi region setup not working

I have been using chirpstack with EU868 by installing chirpstack application server and chirpstack network bridge on a same Ubuntu server and it has been working fine.
Recently I had to setup Australian region so I got Merriyot UG56 gateway. I installed chirpstack network server on a separate Ubunbu server and connected it with mqtt service of the main server. I can now see the gateway active on the chipstack. The problem is when I add the devices to chirpstack they are always shown as never connected.
I have checked logs of the network bridge for port 1700 and I can see packets received at the bridge server

[{“jver”:1,“tmst”:1025580668,“time”:“2023-08-28T12:53:02.027580Z”,“tmms”:1377262400027,“chan”:1,“rfch”:0,“freq”:923.400000,“mid”: 8,“stat”:1,“modu”:“LORA”,“datr”:“SF7BW125”,“codr”:“4/5”,“rssis”:-66,“lsnr”:13.2,“foff”:-13536,“rssi”:-65,“size”:36,“data”:“QPaoMQaAJQABNjd5odkipNYmQmKv1PeZVbxWUOnO7NkVMiKk”}]}

I have also checked mqtt logs and I can see the device packet there as well

as923/gateway/24e124fffef5a599/event/up {“phyPayload”:“AAj6UFIDzbcQrAcJAQujBAC0MnE30Mg=”, “txInfo”:{“frequency”:923200000, “modulation”:{“lora”:{“bandwidth”:125000, “spreadingFactor”:10, “codeRate”:“CR_4_5”}}}, “rxInfo”:{“gatewayId”:“24e124fffef5a598”, “uplinkId”:22322, “time”:“2023-08-28T12:05:24.462843Z”, “rssi”:-53, “snr”:13.5, “context”:“IYeRFA==”, “crcStatus”:“CRC_OK”}}

The only thing I can find is that chirpstack logs are showing this error.

chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Processing gateway event error: unknown field crcStatus, expected one of gatewayId, uplinkId, time, timeSinceGpsEpoch, fineTimeSinceGpsEpoch, rssi, snr, channel, rfChain, board, antenna, location, context, metadata at line 1 column 379 topic=“as923/gateway/24e124fffef5a598/event/up” qos=0

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The unknown field error might be caused by the JSON format that you are using (which is for debugging, but should never be used for production purposes). Have you tried using the Protobuf format instead?