Chirpstack Multi-region support

Hi Team,

We need some help on the chirpstack LNS docker composed based.

Currently we done the chripstack V3 setup (One Gateway Bridge and one N/W server and One application server) all these installed on difference AWS instance.

As we gone through V3 version not supporting multi region. AS project requirement we need to support multi region data will be coming from USA region and India region to support multiple region
As per chirpstack portal we need to upgrade V3 to V4. But We wanted to know few things.

  1. Do we need to install chirpstack V4 version on all together other AWS instance? or Can we install it on same AWS instance where V3 is running?
  2. If we installed V4 on difference instances then how we can copy existing V3 data from other AWS instance to V4 instance?
  3. Could you please share or provide links steps to install V4 docker based. Also data migration step.?


Please refer to this page for the migration steps: v3 to v4 migration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation.

While not required, I would advice to install v3 and v4 on separate VMs. Else you will run into issues with regards to the ports that are being used (can be solved through changing configuration files, but this might make the migration a bit more complex).