Chirpstack Network Server Location

Chirpstack Network Server Location

The location for chirpstack network server must be in same region ?
E.g. I’ve to integrate devices in India so I’ll use Lorawan India region frequency which is 865 - 867. I’ll configure frequency range in network server config file.

My question is do we need to host network server in India only ? Or I can host the network server in other region?

So If I’m using frequency for particular region the network server must be hosted in same region is it like that ?

You can run your network server wherever you want. There may be latency concerns depending on how many oceans you’re crossing (testing required), but nothing will stop you from running it. You will need to run one network server per region you want to support, though.

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Thank you for answer.

Do I need to configure anything to deploy network server on other region ? Or just do configuration as mentioned in chirpstack document ?