ChirpStack Network Server log file


There is no log file that is generated in log directory path:
“/var/log/chirpstack-network-server/”. I have used the following command mentioned in the documentation to see the log:

journalctl -u chirpstack-network-server -f -n 50

This command is generating huge amounts of logs. However can anyone help me create the log file in log directory path?

Looks like you’re running on a systemd linux - so by default it won’t log to the file. You’d want to look at the config option to log to syslog and then add configuration to syslog to log to your desired file.

I believe -n and -f don’t work together. If you want to follow the logs then use -f, if you just want to view the last 50 logs right now, then use -n 50.

That command is as mentioned in chirpstack network server configuration.
I will try to add config option.