ChirpStack Node-RED nodes

I have just released a ChirpStack Node-RED nodes package, which can be used to received uplinks from ChirpStack (using MQTT) and schedule downlinks using the ChirpStack gRPC API. Instructions on how to use this package can be found here: GitHub - brocaar/node-red-contrib-chirpstack: ChirpStack Node-RED nodes.

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which node did you choose to insert the device event? I installed the chirpstack package, but I couldn’t find this node. I need your help please!

It uses the MQTT node, which is already provided by Node-RED. While it is aimed at ChirpStack Gateway OS uses, this might be helpful: Node-RED quickstart - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server.

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So from what I understand, I have to install the geteway OS on my gateway first?

Not my take: you just need to install THIS add-on to integrate with ChirpStack into your existing Node-RED. MQTT node comes with Node-RED already but you do need to configure it to subscribe to your ChirpStack.

I’m trying to install this without too much luck. But I had to upgrade a lot of Node-RED modules (last did that 3 yrs ago :rofl:) so I’m a little behind the times.

Had to put in ticket for IT to retire Win7 virtual server and spin me up a Win10 version. Oops. :crazy_face:

for the configuration of MQTT with chirpstack I did this
For the installation I followed the link you gave me, and it gave me these nodes

But I can’t find here the device event node :pensive: :pensive

These are not the nodes provided by

@brocaar, so I was about to post that I got same result as @Nabila only to realize my mistake: I had previously used Node-RED palette to install a package that’s available from their repository (that’s what the blue nodes are) called chirpstack (lower case) while your nodes are “ChirpStack” (mixed case) installed using npm:


Here are both packages:

Easiest way to see what’s going on is to go to top-right of Node-RED UI, click on “hamburger” and select Manage Palette: